5 Brands making Sustainability a Trend


Throughout the last centuries, our Environment has faced Ecological issues, resource exploitation, and technological developments. In this fashion, Humankind has had difficulties when trying to preserve nature and its resources. In essence, natural depletion is not an emergence of coincidence, but a bitter reality. Fortunately, things are starting to change. We gathered a list of 5 Brands elevating the meaning of sustainability to a new state of mind, portraying what is at stake. To shape a new global view on sustainability is of utmost importance, and you'll want to be part of it once you read further about what those brands have and are raising their voices for. 


Amalia Stevens got that "love of nature in her DNA". The Designer of Vitamin A spent nearly three years developing what is today called Ecolux, the first Swiss fabric made from recycled Nylon fibres. Throughout her journey, she has always been pushing the reduction of the eco-footprint and pollution that is caused by our beloved fashion industry. Since its launch in the 2000s, their Operations are encouraging others to produce and move towards a more sustainable approach of fashion. Although you have to think globally in terms of expanding your brand, visibility, and public presence, it is only by acting locally and reducing root causes for pollution that you gain peoples' trust and confidence in your "imperishable" product. Sustainability is what Vitamin A thusly stands for in every aspect of Operations, continuously. Be it replacing a lightbulb with LEDs, reducing 80% of the company's electricity, or eliminating disposable plastic water bottles through filtered water on-site, Vitamin A does mother nature well. Worried about the many supply chains as well? - Vitamin A nearly achieves a fully vertical integrated facility to produce their swimwear in one single spot. All their partners work with fair trade artisans to provide fair wages for women and safe work conditions. Check out Vitamin A's 100% female-run Platform for more information on your possible new favourite piece in your wardrobe!

Not your ordinary shoe, but 50% ethics and 50% aesthetics. Choosing Womsh means being provided with a Vegan wonder sneaker, that helps you set foot into a sustainable world. The change starts with their raw materials, which will be, to your surprise, Apple Skins. Coming from 50% Apple fibres and 50% PU (Polyurethane) it is a brand new imitation leather that is fully biodegradable. Invented in Trento by an Italian Company called Frumat Leather, this new sustainability fixated material, won the award for "Technology and Innovation". Apple's skin has a high percentage of organic and natural material, making the product exceptionally eco-friendly and non-toxic. Not to forget, it is to a 100% VEGAN 🌱 friendly. When it comes to shipping those precious shoes, Womsh has made a big effort to stay as close as possible to sustainability. The Boxes are thusly 100% recycled cardboard and made with paper from corn processing waste. Corn processing waste might sound odd in the first place, but there is much more to it. Womsh's partner Favini uses raw materials like coffee; hazelnuts; kiwi fruit; cherries (...) to produce this type of paper and pushes sustainability to a new level. Being GMO-free, FSC certified and EKOenergia using, you will never doubt your package or purchase anymore. 


Portraying modernity and sports, allSisters swimwear represents independence and the transformative power of nature. Using OEKO-TEX certification and a meticulous eye for lightweight, soft, and resilient Material, they position themselves among the top Quality products representing sustainability and care. AllSisters is all about lunging for that vast change in the industry, shifting to a more eco-friendly production without "renouncing their design or functionality". Along these lines, Patrizia Cabarello founded allSisters with the belief that sustainability does not have to come with sacrifice. To ensure universal ethicality, their pieces are produced in socially responsible workplaces and locally. Although this Era of natural resource depletion is tough to conquer, allSisters is willing to go the extra mile and make their Swimsuits out of discarded fishing nets (Recycled Polyamide). Women should feel proud of what they wear, and with allSisters Swimwear, all your Boxes will get ticked. 

"We love fashion, but we love the Earth, too" 

There are unquestionable realities when it comes to fabrics for the fashion industry, but Hozen is attempting to change this reality by giving the Industry a chance to move to a minimal waste approach. Most of their products involve Pinatex, a Pineapple leaf fibre, as well as Recycled plastic and Organic cotton. It is much more than just a Vegan Brand. The Brain behind the work Rae Nicoletti tries to incorporate a "future focus" state of mind when producing every single product. We need a good conscience when working with products and this does not come easy when the Industry is filled with overconsumption and little care to the planet. Hozen thusly produces in small batches and at a fair wage. Moreover, 10% of the profits they get on the Products will go to Animal Shelters. Hozen also took a turn when they started shipping with Sendler, a 100% carbon neutral shipping company from Australia. The people of today along with future generations must create solutions, and adapt. Hozen adapted, by carefully partnering with the best companies paying attention globally, locally, and sustainably. 

Who runs the world? - Women! 

Lé Buns is full women lead Brand that only uses organic, regenerated fibres. It is timeless and classic, fitting every women's wardrobe. Their vision is to make the production cycle have as little impact on the environment as possible. As of 2013, 61% of Australian Companies did not know where their garments were made. Lé Buns took the necessary step to visit their factories in person to make sure ethical trade policies are met.  Part of their production is completed in Ubud, Indonesia, where artisans and natural dyers take care of the raw materials. This "outsourcing" never compromises social care, ethical or sustainable approaches. The products are GOTS certified, guaranteeing an ethical and fair work environment. For your next piece of clothing, Lé Buns also offers Garment Care. They provide suggestions for carbon footprint reduction and water saving, but most importantly a way of how to minimise the overall impact on mother nature after your purchase. Line drying your Organic cotton garment for 6 months a year, instead of using your dryer, will eliminate 700pounds of greenhouse gases. Lé Buns cares about your product before, during, and after your purchase... wouldn't you too? 

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