6 Great Brands for Saint Valentine's Day

There is nothing better than taking care of our beloveds and our planet is one of them. For this Saint Valentine’s Day, we give you the chance to share your love, finding the perfect gift and giving back for a special cause to save the marine life and upcycle our oceans.

Every garment at OASEAS complies with our Sustainable Criterias, ensuring high-standards quality while keeping your consumer footprint low, making an impact against the fight for climate change. From recycled polyester clothes to unique, vegan sneakers, we have gathered 6 great conscious ideas for the perfect Saint Valentine’s gift.

Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans? By choosing ECOALF, you can now upcycle the oceans and contribute to the ECOALF Foundation project which has recovered a total of 600 tonnes of waste from the bottom of the oceans, saving the marine life and helping the ecosystem to recover.

Reducing CO2 emissions and conserving forests through LifeGate. In 5 years, WOMSH has helped LifeGate create and protect more than 11,000 square meters of forest per year. By opting for their shoes, you contribute to planting trees on deforested land in Costa Rica, Madagascar, Bolivia, and DR Congo. Also, the recyclable rubber sole contributes to the flooring of playgrounds. 

Are you keen on supporting social causes? By purchasing Flamingo Sunglasses, you are contributing to a better future by helping disadvantaged children around the world through the association “Save The Children” and reducing plastic consumption and CO2 emissions through Non-Plastic Mission.

Fighting climate change, restoring biodiversity and protecting vulnerable communities through the Organic Basics Fund. By purchasing any of their garments, you’re giving direct funding to people, groups, and projects that address environmental and social injustices at the root cause, aiming to create long lasting impact for our planet.

Only 1% of clothing is recycled worldwide, the rest is either incinerated, downcycled, or tossed into landfills. Upcycle your loved one's wardrobe with Girlfriend Collective, giving them the opportunity to recycle the garment and get store credit!

Would you like to help conserve the Amazon Forest? VEJA aims at enhancing its economic value while protecting the wildlife and its habitants. Meet their sneakers, their sole is made out of 30% of natural Amazonian rubber, and you can now take part of their mission.

Don’t forget that OASEAS supports WWF by donating 10% of proceeds, per order, to change our world's current status and fight for a better place where we and our future generations can live in. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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