But what's SORONA?

Recycled products have developed after years and years of research, trials, and errors. Finding ways to produce a sustainable product, without sacrificing neither performance nor design is what most companies are trying to achieve. Sustainability needs to look good, feel good, and simply be good. 

DuPont is a company that has been revolutionising sustainable materials. They are one of the leaders in developing plastic-coated fabrics and fibres like versatile nylon since 1910.  In the humongous category of these fibres and fabrics, Sorona found itself a new spot. The process for this fibre begins like many others by harvesting crops, from which glucose is obtained. By adding microorganisms, a fermentation process begins that smartly replaces chemical processes. Bio-PDO (1,3-Propanediol), one of the major components, is in this mode composed naturally. By finally adding TPA (terephthalic acid) to the Bio-PDO, it creates a unique molecular bond that will bring about the beautiful material called Sorona. 

“When you do good, you feel good” is what DuPont initially tries to convey to each prospective consumer of fast fashion. They believe that science should learn from nature, finding a way to leave smaller footprints around the globe. Sorona is both smooth and flexible, perfectly designed to comfort your skin while being environmentally friendly. 

Spin it, weave it, or wear it. Sorona is as smart as every consumer who decides to switch to sustainable clothing. You can feel a difference due to its smoothness, softness, and quick-drying feature. With exceptional traits and durability of the products, benefitting the society as a whole, DuPont has contributed to a more sustainable but also traceable and transparent industry. 

Which products on OASEAS are made of SORONA? 

We have had the chance to get our hands on some beautiful products that can call Sorona one of their main components. The most interesting one right now, since drifting into winter seasons, is the Saint Path Coat, which is of meticulous design and exceptional warmth. In the colors black and aubergine, it will be a statement coat no matter where you are. Made with 70% Sorona and 30% Recycled Polyester, the Coat is 100% Vegan and bluesign® approved. Moreover, it is water repellant and padded. 

Another product you should consider getting your hands on is the Michi Backpack, in black or saddle brown, being of unique design and sustainable material. Again, 70% Sorona and 30% Recycled polyester, waterproof, and Vegan! OASEAS is very much looking forward to slowly incorporate more brands that offer Sorona as one of its major components of production. Whether it be in their accessories or apparel, the implementation of such new & innovative materials will aid in creating a better planet and future for further generations. Lastly, it is due to such technological advancements that we opt for when looking through a brand-portfolio, which will fulfill to its best our 7 principles to sustainability!

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