Celebrating Sustainable Christmas Holidays

Let’s make this Christmas a more sustainable alternative by opting for conscious decorations, trees, and gifts. 

We are all aware of the importance of respecting the environment more, and this starts at home. Small changes can make a big difference in reducing our environmental footprint, especially during the holidays when consumerism and mass shopping is high.

For this, we have collected several ideas to make it easy for you to celebrate a green Christmas and make it your new favorite tradition every year. 

1. Rent a Christmas tree

Have you ever thought about renting a tree and returning it to its habitat after enjoying it during the holidays? Various services throughout Switzerland will deliver and pick up your tree for replanting in January. Some also allow you to rent the same tree every year so you can watch it grow. Options near Zurich: Ecosapin, Baumfreunde, Bachsermärt.

2. Wrap gifts with recycled paper or fabric

Ditching traditional wrapping paper and bags for eco-friendly gift wrapping is an easy way to cut down your environmental impact this year. Using your delivery parcels instead of store-bought gift boxes is one of the easiest eco-friendly gift wrapping swaps you can make. Button-down shirts, flannels, or even T-shirts you no longer need can be upcycled into reusable fabric ribbons and bows. Cut strips as thin or as thick as you'd like, then tie them around your boxes.

3. Send forest-friendly or plantable Christmas cards

Although it would be ideal to avoid sending physical letters and opt for virtual cards, there are also other more sustainable optionsPlanting cards are becoming increasingly popular. At growingpaper.ch and hervorragend.ch, you can find a brilliant range of cards with seeds that the recipient can sow in spring. Peruse and call local gift shops to see if there are any locally-made cards. Also, by buying locally you may be surprised to find an artist that captures the unique scenery of your town.

4. Think about your wreath

Avoid wreaths adorned with plastic accessories and shiny ornaments. Not only are they made from unsustainable materials, but they can be harmful to birds and wildlife if hung outdoors. Opt for a real, fresh wreath made with natural, seasonal foliage and ornaments. If you want to give it a little something extra then you could make some dried orange slices. These are great for all kinds of other eco-friendly Christmas decorations and go really well with the green of a wreath. They smell divine too.

5. Reduce your food waste

Buy less. But that can be not so simple when there are guests. Food waste apps, like Olio, are a more innovative option. They put you in touch with people in need in your area. Just make a list of what’s available, snap a photo and share your location with other app users.

6. Buy your food from the right place

By opting for local products and avoiding packaged food you reduce your carbon footprint keeping CO2 emissions low. Also, you support local businesses and farmers' families by helping to build a sense of community. The advice applies not only to food, but also to other products. When you shop for your Christmas gifts at local stores, you help keep them open and thriving.

7. Choose sustainable gifts

If you want to share your love for ethical fashion with someone, why not be the first to give them a sustainable garment? We have a fantastic selection of sustainable clothes that are sure to last for many seasons to come. BTW, we are also part of those local businesses that need your support to continue our mission to make this planet a better place. Just saying ;)

Merry Christmas!

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