Circular Fashion

As you know for a really sustainable fashion industry, the industry needs to improve systems that are circular and actively regenerative. The ‘take-make-use-dispose’ economy has generated complex environmental and social issues that can no longer be ignored, this is the reason why famous names in the industry have been calling for urgent change.


Some brands are going one step further and shifting to systems that are not only sustainable but fully circular.

So what does it really mean to move from a linear to a circular system? Well, the thing is that our economy is still depends on extracting natural resources a lot and since they are running out, this makes the fashion industry particularly vulnerable.

In a circular fashion system, goods are created to be put into the system again at the end of their lifecycle and produced from safe and renewable materials, respecting the environment.

The circular design aims to completely eliminate waste and pollution. The creation of a zero-waste pattern is possible by using digital manufacturing tools such as the laser-cutting machine that avoids fabric waste.

Another important circular strategy concerns the post-consumer phase. By offering a 'take-back' program to the customers, the main components of their garments are recycled to create new designs.

So, a circular strategy is maybe one of the best solutions to reverse the damaging trend of overconsumption and mass production. That's why we invite you to check out our amazing brands which produce through a Waste-Free project. In fact, they make newly upcycled clothes or shoes out of fibers recovered from post-consumer recycled materials along with new sustainable fibers.

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