Conscious Seasonal Sale

Dear You,

The heavy discounting and marketing that many fast fashion brands adopt this season encourages panicked hyper-consumption, with many people buying not-sustainable products, contributing to a culture of disposability.

But, last year's events have brought a heightened consumers consciousness about where the products they buy come from and their impact on the planet. As a result of that, by doing season sales sustainable fashion brands become more accessible and they're helping change the fashion industry for the better.

We don’t sell brands' garments that focus on lowering costs at the expense of quality, their workers, and the planet. Instead, we look to sustainable brands that pursue ethical practices and innovations.

Reducing your carbon footprint it’s about building up and investing in a better future. You can choose to be part of the fast-fashion cycle, or you can join the movement to invest in a more sustainable world for yourself and all of us. Which will you choose?

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