Make Them Stop And Stare

Sustainable fashion has been a movement for several years, but it is at the present where people are actively engaged and operative in putting a change in force. Fostering such changes to the fashion industry towards greater ecological integrity and social justice is the channel for dealing with interdependent, cultural, and environmental dilemmas. In this regard, commitment, coherency, and integrity are three of Ecoalfs’ values that have turned their brand to be one of the most sustainable & innovative ones.

“Because there is no Planet B” is their leading slogan, which constantly reminds them to always look for new perspectives and ways of conceiving their products in creative and sustainable modes. Born in 2009, it is a truly sustainable fashion brand that kept their mission and vision intact. Being highly transparent, they allow the consumer to rethink fashion and their consumption patterns. They have the same goal as OASEAS does, which is why they have made its way on our Platform today. It is about time to change people's fast fashion train of thoughts and take measurements and decisions now. This, in order to make this place a better one for every future generation. 

We have seen their potential from the first day on. Following their socials, news and new trends we strongly believe that they have simply made it. Made it in the sense of being one of the leading sustainable brands out there. All of their decisions taken so far have arisen to create the least harm possible, finding a balance between consumers' needs and the wellbeing of the planet. 

OASEAS does not want to hide such innovations and aspiring brands from you. As winter is approaching soon, new jacket collections are being produced everywhere around the globe. Just recently, we have updated our exquisite FW21 collections and brands like Ecoalf have certainly been part of it.

We suggest you therefore to snuggle up and start discovering all of the new jackets, coats, bags, and more on OASEAS. Start to feel winter with amazing sustainable brands and take environmental and ethical initiatives for the health of our planet, families and future.

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