Fall in Love with conscious consumerism

Summer approaches to an end, but that does not mean the end for your summery outfits. As the leaves, trees and sunsets transition to autumnal colors of browns and reds, you’re probably preparing to gather your boots and Jackets from the back of your closet. When temperatures drop and a chill fills the air, fall is actually the best time to plan sustainable changes to your life. When considering your clothing options, think about the potential impacts on the planet and push to create an earth-friendly itinerary for the upcoming months. In those means, reuse, restyle and recycle your wardrobe in order to avoid your clothes being packed away and ignored behind boxes, or ending up as landfill.  

Autumn is a time of harvest, keeping cozy and buying local produce. But just because a season changes, it does not imply that we change our outfits completely. When it comes to fall-fashion, it’s chaotic, it’s dramatic and nude tones are a heated passion. We have seen them all over summer too, but they never disappoint. A nude-toned garment like a miniskirt can be adapted to various situations, styles and moods. Whether you like it with the latest trend, a pastel coloured sweatshirt and white sneakers, or combined with a cardigan and silky top. Shorter or longer skirts will never fail the fall concept. Another advantage with this year’s summer trend, the flair pants, is that you can make them completely fall/winter ready. Pair them with some boots and you are ready to go!

But the attention is on the wearer. Nothing too over the top, with the possibility to pair it endlessly, meticulously and with simple basics. Think coats and light jumpers, supersized and shaggy this season. We believe that autumn is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have. This does not necessarily mean to loaf around in pajamas all day, but after all, the message will remain the same all year over: wear the change, be the change. This is why we kept the CAES collection, which can be worn on a warmer, or cooler day. The pieces are simple and timeless in-season and you’ll definitely “re-fall” in love with the beautiful long-sleeves and midi-dresses, embracing the sweater weather. Our focus will always lie on sustainable brands, which aim to raise awareness about zeitgeist issues. We spotlight those working towards making the fashion industry a fairer and economically more sustainable place.

When consciously looking for your perfect closet add-on, one should not forget that our skin is our body’s largest organ and it absorbs anything we put on it. This also includes chemicals in our clothes which can be of severe danger to our health. In order to avoid for your fall outfit to include carcinogens or hormone disruptors, we want to emphasize to shop with thought. OASEAS provides you with fashion and brands that make sure that the transition into fall is smoothly and does not involve detrimental health concerns for the future. With regard to this, Francis Stories has just created a collection called Humus. This latest add on provides you with beautiful jumpers, cardigans and turtlenecks made out of Angora Wool and ethically crafted. Keep your eyes open and keep falling for sustainable fashion ♡

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