Fashion & Climate Change

Renowned climate scientists released a new report on August analyzing the current state of the climate crisis, providing a stark warning on the rapid rise of global temperatures.

Some changes are already irreversible; but even in the best-case scenario, global temperatures are expected to continue to rise at least until the middle of this century. That’s why we must act urgently to mitigate the worst cases.

So what does this mean for fashion?

As you know, the fashion industry plays a significant role here. Studies have found fashion is responsible for anywhere between 4 and 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, but the industry isn’t moving anywhere near fast enough to cut its footprint.

Most of the time, it looks as the fast fashion industry is taking responsibility, sharing campaigns using words like ‘sustainable,’ ‘ethical,’ ‘green,’ ‘climate neutral,’ or ‘fair.’ But let’s be clear: this is pure greenwashing.

The industry needs harsher regulation and incentives to reduce its environmental impact, like phasing out coal, protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, and financing plans to achieve net-zero emissions.

One major challenge is that the bulk of the industry’s impact occurs in the supply chain, where brands have less direct control.

That’s why a greater and transparent collaboration between brands and suppliers is needed.

So, we as a sustainable fashion platform and you as our loyal customer, still have the potential to establish the future course of the climate by making powerful decisions and demanding better.

By opting for more sustainable brands, we encourage our customers to be more responsible with the environment, inviting them to change their habits and opting for a more conscious lifestyle.

What would be your choice?

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