“Fashionscapes: A Circular Economy”

Sustainability lovers,
we are back with new tips for you to enjoy your weekend with a good documentary. You probably know the activist Livia Firth, who, as co-founder of one of the most fabulous sustainable fashion platforms of the moment, EcoAge, never misses the chance to raise her voice and denounce the atrocities committed by fast fashion.
Well, once again, she’s back, opening a window on one of the most discussed topics today: circular fashion.
After working together on ‘The True Cost,’ one of the most influential fashion documentaries of the last decade, acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Morgan and activist Livia Firth launched the short documentary series ‘Fashionscapes.’
With the recent episode “Fashionscapes: A Circular Economy,” the filmmaker and co-founder of EcoAge urge the industry to stop engaging in greenwashing and other destructive models instead of acting on solutions that benefit the planet. 
 “Fashionscapes: A Circular Economy”
After traveling and exploring supply chains worldwide, Colin Firth’s wife decided to investigate the circular economy and invite the industry to convert fully.
But as Livia and Andrew point out, linear economics and over-consumption driven by fast fashion production models make this achievement increasingly distant and at risk of never being acted upon. 
Around 100 billion garments are produced annually. Through conversations with brilliant visionaries, Morgan and Firth bring the lies behind the industries’ circular initiatives to light. 
Consumers are rarely aware of the environmental impact of artificial fibers due to a lack of communication and sharing of data or evidence. The two producers’ mission is all about exposing the catastrophic impact fashion has on the environment.
Through this short documentary, Livia Firth tries to imagine a future full of possibilities by assuming the role of a visionary storyteller. At the same time, the global fashion industry refrains from acting to find a solution. 
The Fashionscapes documentary series is available on Eco-Age TV. 
Information, videos & foto: @ecoage

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