Wake up Fashion industry: Sustainable is the New Normal

It is not a surprise anymore. The world is slowly waking up as we start seeing the consequences of our acts, making climate change an undeniable priority; we are now talking about an “urgent crisis”. After years of counting environmentalists as a minority, the population as a whole seems to realise through recent catastrophes, strikes, and reforms, that action needs to be taken.

Enough companies have used greenwashing as a way to solve their issue of footprint only to embellish their brand image. It's time to be transparent instead. 

We have always admired fashion and its role in our society, how it can reflect one’s personality and self-expression. It is one of the foundations of our civilisation, and a creator of cultural identity. Luxury fashion garments were originally represented as permanent and valuing the art of craftsmanship, so how has it become a worldwide problem?

We are drowning in clothes and textiles. There is this never-ending search for new trends followed by constant global change. Sales have increased dramatically in the last few years, and people own at least twice the amount of clothes that we would normally need in our wardrobes. The problem with the current model is that it has only one direction. A linear process where we produce, we use, and we throw. Although individuals can each make impactful efforts, it is the society as a whole through who will need to change and adapt. Sustainability is not an option; it is a necessity.

Sustainability is about care, responsibility and renewability. We are currently on a transition to a new fashion industry and business models, where values are strongly based on ecological and holistic principles. A big Industry challenge is to close the economic circle from the supply chains to the end consumers, capturing the value added from becoming ethical, sustainable and transparent to consumers. 

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