Sustainable Skincare

Thousands of containers hit landfills every day, and beauty products are a big part of the issue. Ironically, products that should enhance our skin’s natural beauty, actually contain harmful chemicals and synthetics. Microplastics, animal products, silicones and fragrances all have their role in our planet’s destruction. 

This toxic industry trend is hidden by lobbies and misinformation, however it is time to fight back against it. For our oceans, for our skins and for our planet. These days, sustainability is a topical trend and many zero waste brands are hitting the shelves. 

So how do you choose between cruelty free, vegan brands who promise miracles for your skin? Let’s take a look at some of the best zero waste skin care brands. 


Ren Clean Skincare. This skincare brand, founded in 2000, provides cruelty free products. Their bottles are made with Ocean Plastic, and their tubes made from post-consumer recycled plastic and designed for circular recycling.  

 They are on their way to become Zero Waste by 2021, in that all of the packaging will be 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable.

Rivoli Genève. This exclusive Swiss brand, owned by a family-run company, gathers under a single roof the research, development and production of high-quality cosmetics. Their skincare range is registered by the Vegan Society.

This is for the boss women who do not mind paying a bit more for premium skin products. 


Drunk Elephant. The sustainable skincare brand’s mission is to deliver clinically-effective, biocompatible skincare formulated with both cutting-edge synthetic and natural ingredients without the toxins, sensitisers and irritants. On top of that, they pay close attention to pH levels and safety, as well as formulating with efficacious percentages of active ingredients.

Their goal is to teach the consumer that “natural” doesn’t automatically mean good and that every ingredient should directly and only benefit the health of our skin or the safety of the formulation. 


Antipodes. This Scientific Green Beauty Company uses pollution-free, results-driven products. Native from New Zealand, their award-winning plant-powered vegan beauty and certified organic premium skincare range proves that skincare can be sustainable. 

They believe in keeping it local when it comes to sourcing clean ingredients and producing their natural formulations. That includes local growers, beekeepers, printers and manufacturing, all of them close to our HQ in Wellington, New Zealand.



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