The production of Leather alternatives from an insider perspective.

Sustainable alternatives to conventional leather have been around for many years, but they did not receive the credit they deserve up until the past few years. In some of our most delicate products, naturally tanned leather, also called vegetable tanning is being used. A traditional method dating back to 6000BCE.

It is produced through a natural process that respects animals, the environment, and human beings. By using substances found in nature, it allows the leather to unfold its unique properties. In this view, this specific alternative method does not harm the processor or the finished leather product at all.

Transforming raw leather through an alternative tanning method is a slower process than chrome-tanning leather. Vegetable-based tanning involves the use of agents derived from trees, flowers, and other natural resources.

Through such tanning methods, leathers can exploit their "natural" color, warm and natural, beige, or browny. Although they fade a little over time, they at no point ruin the product itself. The product is clearly distinguishable from normal leather, as they have not been exposed to mineral or synthetic tanning agents at all.

Ecological printing makes it possible to print leaves, berries, and other elements of plant origin on fabrics without using chemical substances. Heat, vinegar, and tannin are the stars that make this possible and produce a pattern or imprint that is never the same. Raw materials are collected and impregnated with vinegar, the skin wrapped in support to hold everything together, and the leather, lastly, exposed to heat. This method has been used for several bags we sell, giving you the possibility to hold on to something no one else has

All the dyes and additives used are free of chromium IV. The products guarantee a high level of professionalism in the craftsmanship and respect for the environment. A truly unique and exclusive product. Not only because of the technology used, which guarantees the end customer a bag that is original, but also because it stands out with its undisputed quality and refinement.

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