Think Outside The Box. Think SilverTech™ & Polygiene®.

Another leading brand that manifests the meaning of sustainability is Organic Basics. They are being “loud” about the things that are important to me, you & society, which is simply planet earth.

We cannot go back and change the beginnings of a drastic fast fashion industry, but we can start where we are and change the ending. Like other brands on our Platform, they handpick every single fabric, using Class A and B fibres and giving each piece of clothing a twist of technology. It’s all natural, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. This is achieved by looking over the whole supply chain of a single product. And guess that, this way they have achieved to save 2.43billion tons of waste from ending up as landfill.

It’s wintertime, and while sugar cookies and mulled wine are getting you through the cold, we have prepared something much better for your soul and body. Despite devouring liter of soup, we believe it’s important to keep moving your body throughout the colder days. Exercising in winter will reduce the likelihood of becoming a flu, increase your endurance and strengthen your immune system. However, Organic Basics’ Activewear will get you healthy through the cold once you keep reading about their insane materials. They give you some traits like being permanent, bluesign approved and seamless. What else would you wish for?

The SilverTech Active Sports Bra is a leading example when it comes to comfort, design and fit. It is made from Polygiene, a material that will truly blow your mind. Not only does it stop the growth of odor causing bacteria, it also does not harm the environment when being washed. The beautiful sustainable silver color will go with any pair of legging in your closet and its fit is flattering your body amazingly.

Polygiene is a very safe fabric treatment from recycled silver salt that can keep the product very fresh for a long time. It remains on the fabric permanently and means that your garment does not have to be washed for many times. It’s therefore not only very practical but also water-saving. Whatever workout you feel like doing at home or in the gym, you can be sure of staying fresh and fit throughout it all. 

But let’s also talk some more SilverTech. It’s a technical process, which covers a polymer fiber in silver, before being blended with organic cotton to create this soft touch feel. Usually, nano-silvers are imprinted on certain fabrics, which are neither sustainable nor durable. But with this techy approach, clothes can preserve their color and be a high-performance fabric that lasts a lifetime.

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