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Up until today, sustainability still seems to be complicated for many people. Well, we tell you that it is not. Making such shifts is much easier than you think and can be as simple as starting to buy from sincere and transparent clothing brands that guarantee its product to be certified and most likely recyclable. We want to avoid leaving our planet looking like a complete disaster, but If we continue to shop until we drop, the earth is close to suffering immensely.               
However, people like to stand out, be the first to get their hands-on new collections, and impress others. When these new collections hit a stores' stock, it is easy to get carried away with a pile of clothes. That means that you find yourself with an insane approach to shopping. It is okay to top up your wardrobes like a gift or credit card, but not at the cost of our planet. We are not in a position to have unlimited credit to keep buying, using, and throwing. Have a look at all your apparel as there are certainly ways to change your consumption patterns without going on an extreme womenswear diet. 

1. What you already own. 

Many women forget that what they own is already more than half-enough. For once, take your time and read the labels instead of just putting them on and off, trying hesitantly to find the perfect outfit of the day (ootd). Moreover, have a look at the color and the fabrication, check the website, and actively research what value your garment provides. You will be surprised that most of the times, these products are neither produced in a safe place, nor with sustainable fabrics. You might also realize how much such non-biodegradable products you own. We do not want you to walk to the bin now and start throwing everything non-sustainable out, but rather re-use it, restyle it and make it last as long as possible before hitting the next add to basket button. Make sustainable choices and impress others by wearing an item often and in various combinations.

2. Sustainable Brands

The average lifespan of a garment today has been discovered to be about 5.4 years, of which actively worn over 4 years only. In a study of 620 items, 8% of these products were disposed of and identified to be completely unworn. Brands produce garments that are backed by empty words that promise a garment to last a lifetime. This lifetime, however, has a brutal impact on the earth. OASEAS is actively recruiting brands that specifically do not run this road. There does not need to be a compromise in design, nor quality, to dress chic, modern, and sustainable. It is not complicated, and you will spare yourself the feeling of guilt to have bought an item that will end up in a landfill. Discover a selection of sustainable brands in our brands' section and discover what real garments look and feel like. 

3. Say Hello to the labels.

You probably like coffee as much as we do, eat corn every week or eat some crispy apples to satisfy your sugar cravings. But did you know that these products are not just edible but also reusable and recyclable? Some of our most ordered products are made with the use of apple skin or recycled materials. Moreover, some products are being delivered with boxes made out of coffee, flowers, or corn. Besides, the huge amount of fished plastic in the oceans is recycled and made into handcrafted and unique pieces of clothing that are finally durable and environmentally friendly. Importance should also be given to a fabric named Tencel (also known as Lyocell), which is made from wood pulp that has been shown to have a minimum impact on our planet and is fully biodegradable. Start taking an interest in what your clothes are made from, and you will see that with sustainable clothing, a whole new feel is to be experienced.

4. Discover OASEAS.

Especially now, you must be looking for the perfect winter boot to accommodate in your wardrobe. If there is no other choice than buying a new one, at least buy sustainable. OASEAS will help you spot quality and provide you with delicate pieces from brands like Flattered or Womsh, which have shown to be sustainable in every corner of production. They use tanned leather, apple fibers, or are fully vegan. A well-made shoe brand is proud to show their information and answer your questions without hesitation, and so are we. This is why we decided to provide you with a platform that guarantees brands without doubting their heritage. OASEAS offers you especially with the new FW collections durability, practicality, and comfort for your feed, your body, and your soul. Be mindful, combat-trends, and don’t get cold feet when discovering a brand on OASEAS that will finally provide you with the value you and our planet deserve.

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