As a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly popular, so does the activewear style grow. We have a selection of leggings, sports bras, and gym wear made out of recycled materials to accompany you during your intense workouts

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The collection of gym wear includes a wide selection of leggings, sports tops, bras, and sports pants. These can easily be styled with our collection of gym shoes for a complete sustainable sports outfit for when you’re headed out to the gym. An all-black ensemble will keep you chic during your favorite yoga workout, and it's great for slimming the silhouette. Wear black leggings with a black hoodie and white sneakers for a comfortable look when you aren’t heading anywhere special. Style a minimalistic sporty outfit with our collection of grey and navy muted tones, introducing a feminine touch with a stripe on the side to accompany your moves. 

Wear your sports top with a pair of boyfriends jeans and white sneakers for an 80’s streetwear style, or combine with a pencil skirt for a bold, feminine look. Check out our collection of bikinis to find inspiration for your beach workout. Our line pieces are also perfect for when you’re preparing for a 20 lap swim. 

At OASEAS, we are careful to select the best quality materials to offer you support and breathable materials for your intense workout. The women’s activewear sustainable collection is a perfect way to keep both yourself and the planet in great shape.