All sorts of clothing styles flatter your body and make you feel gracious. Today, we put even more emphasis on our materials. From linen to organic cotton & wool, everything you desire will be readily available in our shop. Sustainable clothing has many exciting facets. From casual to elegant, different colors to prints & flattering materials. OASEAS is in love with slow-fashion, and we want to portray this in any way possible. What's more, our size guides will help you find the right size for each piece.

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Whether you are petite or tall, in our online shop you will find any outfit you wish for, at any size you’re looking for. Garments such as maxi dresses or oversized t-shirts are currently emerging to be the newest trend, as they also suit smaller women. Thus, infinite options are available for every type of body shape and every type of occasion. Especially high waist trousers and skirts are visually lengthening your legs and are making them look longer. Short pants or biker shorts have a similar effect, stretching the leg and your silhouette.

Beach dresses are also perfect to pair with sandals for a natural look, suiting taller and shorter women. The sustainable swimwear on our website is organic and made of either nylon, spandex, or lycra. Also, read more about Econyl in our product descriptions, you will be fascinated by the material and its power to keep your garment “alive” as long as possible. Our bikinis, swimsuits, and sarongs have a perfect fit, are simple, yet extremely modern. The same goes for our jumpers, sweaters, and jackets! They are flattering and create that nice feel everyone longs for - And pants or jeans? Organic and recyclable cotton/ denim leads our pants & jeans collection. Similar to an oversized jumper, they are perfect to wear over your lingerie or bikini. We love cozy outfits that are still luxurious. 

Our sustainable clothing is diverse, original, and feminine. Tight or loose, all our products will flatter your body. Keep browsing our online shop and discover new styles and upgrade your wardrobe. Head for a more sustainable world & buy without a guilty conscience or without ulterior motives - Be the change!