Flamingos' Life

is an animal-free corporation. As the brand likes to say, they are in business for saving the planet.

Flamingos' Life uses its company to provide a solution to the ecological crisis in which we find ourselves. Veganism is a vehicle for change, it is the key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our water footprint.

Their aim is to make biodegradable sneakers. All their production centers are local, located in Elche (Spain), and are managed by families. The brand uses materials developed by itself such as corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, grown only with water (no pesticides), and natural rubber extracted in a sustainable way from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.

Sustainability Report
Transparency: 3.75/5
The impact of every product is measured with regards to environmental and social indicators. The brand discloses in-depth information about its production place.
Eco-Friendliness: 3.95/5
Highly biodegradable materials such as corn, bamboo, hemp, linen, or GOTS-certified organic cotton are used. The products come in a recycled cardboard box. A part of the sales goes towards reforestation and ocean protection projects.
Social Responsibility: 2.95/5
All sneakers produced in family-owned factories in Spain, ensuring that everybody who contributes to the creation performs their work under safe and ethical working conditions.
Animal Welfare: 5/5
100% vegan.

3 products

3 products