Women’s sandals and women’s slide-ons are high in fashion. They add a feminine touch to your outfits and match perfectly with a summer dress.


    Sandals and slide-ons offer a wide variety of styling options, and can easily add a touch of personality to almost any of your looks. For optimal ankle support and an unusual asymmetrical look, check out the collection of high sandals with original buckles for a twist to your everyday wardrobe. For dressed-down days, Oaseas loves the look of backless slip-ons and slide-ons. These slide-ons are a perfect way to achieve an effortlessly elegant look when you’re relaxing in the south or by the pool.

    Pair your sandals with a silk blouse and refined clutch bag for a bold look. If you’re looking for a Roman style, our ankle support collection of sandals is perfect. Pair them with a long dress or vintage boyfriend jeans for a statement. Pair slide-ons with a soft linen dress or a midi skirt for a truly feminine look. Play with the different colors, textures, and materials that we offer to create seamless summer outfits.

    At Oaseas, we value craftsmanship and high-quality materials to provide you with the most sustainable and comfortable pair of sandals for you to mix and match your summer outfits.

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