As important as eco-innovation is the ethical production of each garment. From the sourcing of the raw material to the factory workers to the brands’ employees - fair working conditions including a liveable wage, normal working hours, safety, or no child labor, must be ensured.

The global fashion industries employ more than 75 million workers. Most of them are without employment contracts, and most are earning less than $3 a day. Growers, producers, movers, makers, packers, and sellers are exploited, underpaid, and put in terrible working conditions. Fast fashion factory workers work in factories without access to clean drinking water, regular breaks, comfortable environments, or basic human rights. 85% of garment workers are women, earning significantly less than men, which causes extremely high levels of poverty. In some countries, factory employees work up to 16 hours a day, 6 times a week, leaving them no time for their families. Also, sexual harassment and forced and child labor are very common. Another point is the dangerous work environment in factories. It was the Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013 that forced the world to recognize what danger fashion industry workers are exposed to, but now, years later, the problems remain.

In addition to human working conditions in the garment factories, for us, social responsibility goes further: inclusion and diversity and of course great working conditions within the company itself are key as well as efforts of the brands to help our society and communities in need with impactful philanthropic initiatives. 

For the rating of our brands, we have considered the following criteria:

  1. Fair labor conditions factories
  2. Working within the brand
  3. Philanthropic initiatives
  4. Certifications
  5. Good On You-rating: We also consider the Good On You-rating partially (again counting 0.5 for the total social responsibility score). Most sustainable brands are rated on this source, which is currently the best free evaluation platform for sustainable brands. For the social responsibility score, we look at the Good On You “People” score.

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