Sunglasses & Eyewear

    Elegant, chic, and classic, women’s sunglasses are both a necessity and a summer staple. Oaseas has selected sunglasses brands that use environmentally friendly techniques to produce durable, chemical-free sunglasses. We have chosen various shapes, styles, colors, and shades to match your style and personality while respecting the planet. 

    Women’s sunglasses are a style on their own. They complete a look and give a chic allure to almost any outfit. And it’s even better when you know they’ve been manufactured sustainably. From the iconic appeal of a pair of classic round sunglasses to the bold statement of over-sized sunglasses, there are so many styling possibilities out there with just one pair. We have a multitude of styles, including small rectangular sunglasses which are very in fashion right now, cat-eyes sunglasses, rectangular ones, etc. Find your favorite! Women’s sunglasses are a perfect way to accent a simple outfit made of upcycled denim and basic t-shirts while keeping a discrete, polished, classical look. 

    Experiment our models through our collection of different shapes, colors, details, and tint. For a bold look, go for a pair of colored sunglasses in bright hues such as red, blue, or yellow. If you’re more on the classical style, our Havana styles will be a perfect match in their brown and golden colors. Compliment pour sunglasses of sustainable women’s sunglasses with a sustainable swimsuit for an eco-friendly, yet glamorous day at the beach.

    At Oaseas we are careful to offer you the best of sustainable fashion with environmentally-friendly alternatives.