Transparency is crucial for sustainability. Only if we know where the materials are coming from, who the people involved in the production process are, and what the life cycle of a garment looks like, it can be ensured that environmentally and socially sustainable practices are applied.

Transparency allows shoppers to make better decisions and also helps hold brands accountable: by knowing exactly what a brand is doing or what targets it has set for itself, it is easier to keep track and demand more. 

In order to show you as a customer the efforts of each brand, we want to be as transparent as possible as well. Therefore, we have evaluated all brands in terms of transparency, eco-friendliness, social responsibility, and animal welfare, with extensive criteria for each of those pillars. 

We consider brands’ efforts with regards to the following criteria:

  1. Traceability and insights into sourcing
  2. Disclosure of production/manufacture locations
  3. Disclosure of all and information about factories
  4. Transparency about shipping
  5. Impact measurements/reporting

Furthermore, each of our products has been measured by its environmental impact by BCOME meaning that numbers about CO2 eq. emissions, waste, water, and chemical use, as well as its savings compared to conventional products, are displayed on our webpage in the description of each product. 

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