is a Danish brand with the mission of creating underwear styles that make you feel fabulous, loungewear you want to wear all week, and swimwear that makes you dream about vacation and summer. The brand has set out to challenge the conception of what sustainable fashion can be, and each season Underprotection proves to you that it really can be everything they wish for! The brand wants to make a difference by giving its customers the possibility to combine ethics and aesthetics when shopping.

Sustainability Report
Underprotection is a B Corp certified brand, implying that it has a holistic sustainable approach that goes from environment to workers and community until governance - impact ensured everywhere. 
Transparency: 2.5/5
Information and insights about from where the brand sources its materials and where its factories are located, as well as information about transportation, are disclosed.
Eco-Friendliness: 4.08/5
Made from TENCEL™, organic cotton, recycled or responsible wool, recycled plastics and even few new sustainable materials such as banana or milk fibres. Materials are certified with GRS, GOTS, or Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. Sustainable packaging by reusing received boxes, using bags made from biodegradable materials or recycled plastics, and wrapping from recycled paper.
Social Responsibility: 3.64/5
Garments are only manufactured in certified factories that ensure proper working conditions and wages (with BSCI and SMETA audits). 
Animal Welfare: 4.55/5
Mostly vegan. Wool is certified and mulesing-free.

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