From luxury leather to upcycled or recycled materials, our collection of women's wallets are ane essential when it comes t your everyday activities. These wallets and purses are a great way to freshen up your accessories collection

    Our collection of women's wallets and women's purses range from different shapes and sizes, and we offer a variety of colours for you to pair with almost any outfit. Finding a durable wallet can last you years, and at Oaseas we are here to garantee you this quality. Pair a dark black glossy leather purse with our collection of white women's t-shirt and pair of upcycled denims for a classical, bold look. A colourful purse or wallet will add a great addition to your outfits, in addition to just being super practical for your everyday activities or occasional night outs. 

    Our wallets are made out of the highest quality leather or leather alternatives and are produced in a manner that is as ethical as possible.