5 Sustainability Principles

How we curate the selection of the best global sustainable brands

Shopping at OASEAS has always been about more than the items in a shopping cart. Since day one, all of our brands have been sustainable, and 10% of the proceeds from every purchase has been donated—at absolutely zero cost to you—to causes close to our heart.

We’ve made shopping sustainable simple for you. To empower your purchase even more, you are free to judge for yourself which sustainable criteria you want your garment contain. Scroll and discover a whole new way of shopping.


Fair Trade

This principle entails creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers, fair payments, no child nor forced labor, commitment to non-discrimination, gender equity, women's economic empowerment, optimal working conditions and, ultimately, respect for the environment.

Change is triggered by action. So we highly encourage you to ask yourself "who made my clothes"?


Transparency & Traceability

third principle

Sustainable Resources

To develop a sustainable future, we need to help and promote business models which are restorative and regenerative.

That’s why all of the brands we work with operate under sustainable product cycles, managing to save thousands of litres of water, tonnes of CO2 emissions, and reduce up to 90% the use of chemicals per garment produced.

fourth principle

Sustainable Materials


Sustainable Business Practices

Our products are made to last and it's under our duty to guarantee their long lifetime value. This is why we ensure high-quality sustainable packaging to make sure that our timeless pieces arrive at its best.

Furthermore, we strive to reduce the global warming impact by working only with Carbon Neutral Logistics and refusing any goods with an excessive packaging.