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Welcome to our Sustainable World.

Be Cool. Be Sustainable.

Sustainability is much more than a concept. It represents a mindset, your values and our future.

It is at the core of everything we do - all our garments are made from sustainable materials, including from rescued dead-stock fabrics to recycled plastic from the ocean. We aim to offer a curated selection of brands that are not only a mere reflection of the best sustainability badges but a clear representation of best-in-class sustainable practices.

our story

About Us

OASEAS (o-ay-see-s) was born after its founder's determination to create a paradise in the fashion industry. A place where design, quality, and sustainability could meet.

Eventually, the word oasis evolved to -seas, embodying the love for our oceans and willingness to preserve and restore our beautiful marine ecosystems.

In line with our values, we committed to donating 10% of proceeds to non-profit global organisations that tackle this global pressing issue.

Our Mission

We want to be part of the solution by representing, serving, and promoting a global growing community of high-quality sustainable fashion consumers.

We are here to provide an alternative to conventional fashion in order to tip the balance in favor of the environment and the well-being of societies. A place respect for workers and the environment at the center of their concerns.

Let us help you find a bridge between your style and values. We want OASEAS to be your trusted, go-to place to find everyday sustainable fashion.

You can make a difference.

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One Planet

Our Company Principles

Sustainable Business Practices: Our products are made to last and guarantee a lifetime value which should be protected at every delivery step.

One of our contractual preconditions is to make use of sustainable packaging. This way, we strive to reduce the global warming impact by additionally working with Carbon Neutral Logistics and refusing any goods with excessive packaging.

Strong Business Relationships: Working with trusted stakeholders & suppliers means sharing common goals and pushing for continuous innovation & stewardship.

OASEAS demands strong management-endorsed sustainability strategies by each supplier, which cover both supply chain processes and the alleviating unpredictability between suppliers and consumers.

Philantropic Heart: Climate change is a real fact and we should all be concerned about it. This is the reason why OASEAS donates 10% of net proceeds to restore and preserve our oceans.

Furthermore, we highly appreciate the efforts that most of our brands do through their support and contribution to other environmental causes. Please, find more about this initiatives in the brand's section.

Sustainable Post-Purchase Strategy: To reduce the fashion’s environmental impact is our mission and we invite our customer's to get free consulting about our garment's second life and post-purchase treatment and strategy.

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Our Founders