This Christmas,
Save the Artics

The Arctic is severely important for our planet, in charge of the regulation of the climate and home to many wildlife animals. Without ice, a biting cold, and no sun reflecting back to space, sea levels will rise.

Climate change has already removed at least 75 percent of Arctic summer sea ice volume at rates never before experienced in human history. Soon, the Arctic Ocean will be like other oceans for much of the year: open water that is exposed to exploitation and environmental destruction.

What is at stake

The big freshwater reservoirs provide animals with necessities like food, but If ice caps melt, the coastal temperatures of sometimes -40º degrees will increase and destroy a habitat that is hardly replaceable.

Polar bears are cut off from their grounds, and many sea animals are beached on ice floes without any possibility to find back to their territory.

What WWF protects

WWF has been supporting alternative energies as well as being committed to many other initiatives that can be taken to safe our planet as a natural habitat.

This ranges from organising patrols that monitor species in danger either because of food-shortage or poaching, to paving the way to countries into more a more sustainable energy consumption, like for example, Indonesia.

What we aim for

The polar regions are paradises we want to safeguard for all of our planet’s biodiversity. We want to follow WWF’s path and the intention to create a smooth coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Therefore, with every purchase you make, 10% of proceeds will be donated to WWF to fight this cause. This will get them, us & you one step closer to making a real impact today.

make a change

You order, we donate.

We aim to protect them so that the earth's climate remains in balance and animals can live without fleeing or having to die due to shortages.

Therefore, during Christmas we decided to donate 10% of our proceeds to help WWF in their fight to save our Artics.

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