Deep Dive into Flamingo Sun


OASEAS: Welcome and thank you so much for being here with us today, Flamingo Sun. We are going to deep dive into your brand, and we're very lucky to have you here! We really admire your dedication as a brand and your whole vision, so we would like to know more about your story, and how did it all start.

FLAMINGO SUN: First of all, thank you so much for inviting us for this new project. Flamingo Sun was born six years ago with two friends, the founders, who joined their ideas and content into the fashion market. In this case, the sunglasses market where they started creating accessories for artists and designers, with the philosophy of optimizing the production process of the products. We offer a quality price by reducing and minimizing the waste and the environmental impact.

OASEAS: Your sunglasses are designed “For all innovators who face the day to day looking for the difference”. Can you explain to us what does this mean to you and what is the message that you are trying to tell your consumers?

FLAMINGO SUN: At Flamingo we have a strong philosophy that it is translated in all of our products. All of our manufacturing and creative process is built for the “new and modern society” of today, as our consumers want to be identified with something different, something new and responsible for the environment. The key for Flamingo is to represent all the values in our products.

OASEAS: You are a sustainable and responsible brand, could you talk us through your production process and how does it stand out from other sunglasses companies?

FLAMINGO SUN: Our process is based on the Leon philosophy. So, we try to reduce as much as possible our waste and the impact on our products. The materials are carefully chosen, recycled and we try to have no plastic in our products. We also removed all plastic from our packaging; they are now made out of biomaterials such as a potato spread. We can therefore offer the same experience but using vegetables and recycled materials.

Our social impact at Flamingo Sun is very special for us: we have rolled out a “Our Hero’s” campaign where we offered a discount for all hospital workers during the Covid-19 crisis and we also collaborated with a no-profit company where we designed sunglasses and gave 50% of all profits for children in need.  

OASEAS: Do you have a 5 or 10 year vision for your company that you could share with us?

FLAMINGO SUN: In the medium term, we want to expand to most countries in Europe. In these difficult and changing times, what is most important to us is that our values remain the same. No matter what happens, no matter how we evolve, we always want to maintain our brand, our philosophy and our values. That's our goal, as a family, as a company and as a product; it is the responsibility we have today.

OASEAS: Could you recall the funniest comment you have received from a customer?

FLAMINGO SUN: Well, I don't know if it's funny but I think it's curious. It's very curious. There is a tourist who went to our store in Madrid and fell in love with our products and he bought three or four pairs of sunglasses. Three years later, this summer, he returned to the store and asked for the same salesperson who sold him the products: he remembered the name and was very excited to see that person again, so it’s pretty cool.

OASEAS: Thank you! Would you like to add anything?

FLAMINGO SUN: Yes: our products are not only of the highest quality, but also have a responsible price. Moreover, we have an artist aspect which is very important to us, because there is a story behind every product. Some of our products are for special people, designed by international artists such as Antonio Martin. Our core is that we are artists creating fashion, we have long term strategy campaigns with renowned artists, portraying their side of the story in the sunglasses. It is unique!