Friday for Change: Let's fight Climate Change together

Planet earth hosts countless species of animals, diverse biodiversity, and us humans. The only ones to be blamed for sea levels rising, ocean warming, wildlife extinction, soil erosion, and freshwater supply contamination. 

Reason being, this Black Friday, we decided to partner up with MilkyWire to create a Friday for Change.

OASEAS donate 5% of proceeds from sales to Milkywire. Together, we can fight against climate change

Fight Climate change

Stopping our Glaciers from Melting 

Fighting Climate Change with Trees

Forests that once held the soil in place have been cut down, and degraded landscapes threaten many communities.

Constantino Aucca is an indigenous leader and a biologist with significant experience within community-based conservation. He coordinates Acción Andina, a regional initiative involving over 70 rural and indigenous communities. Their mission is to protect and restore one million hectares of high-Andean native forest ecosystems over the next 25 years.

With your support, the organisations within the Acción Andina initiative will plant an additional 333,000 trees. It will also expand land protection efforts to new regions and involve more local communities to restore native forests.

fight climate change

Defending Rainforests of Indonesia

Other Projects we support to Fight Climate Change

Restoring Mangroves Globally

By supporting Mangrove Action Project you're empowering local communities to restore crucially important mangroves and protect shorelines.

Saving the Brazilian Rainforest

The Society for Preservation of Muriqui works to connect different parts of the forest, expanding the muriqui’s habitat and protecting the unparalleled biodiversity of the area.

Planting 5 Millions Trees

Miti Alliance Ltd fights to slow down the devastating effects of climate change due to deforestation by planting millions of trees and educating a future generation of environmentalists.