We are called today to make the right decisions for our tomorrow.

Our oceans are as boundless as the threats looming over them. Through its activities, humans are polluting seas and oceans with wastewater, oil, pesticides and plastic.

The incessant climate change causes an increase in the acidity level of the oceans which dramatically decreases the food sources for large marine mammals. Overfishing and illegal fishing are the side-effects of fish farming which further strains the marine ecosystem. This is why the protection of our oceans, its species and biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our times.

The Problem

One truckload per minute is the amount of plastic waste ending up in our oceans.

Marine protection is one of the greatest challenges of our generation, and unfortunately, humankind has been one of the main drivers to get it to the devastating state it can be found in today. We pollute oceans through our activities within the fast-fashion industries, plastic waste, oil and pesticides.

In order to preserve this unique ecosystem, bonds have to be strengthened between consumers, producers and organisations, facing the problem once and for all, together. 

Our Goal

Oceans are the origin of life.

They provide us with both food and a stable clima. Most importantly it is being called “home” for many, yet even undiscovered, species.

With our donations we want to help WWF re-create the oceans biodiversity, marine life and overall health of our planet.

OASEAS is more than just profits, it’s about giving back to nature, which has once been pure, intact and lively.

Only by the help of you, us and future generations to come, we will continue to benefit from the beautiful marine-richness for a lifetime. 

This Blue Friday we’ve partnered up with WWF© to restore and protect our ocean's diversity and endangered marine species.

For every order made until Monday we will donate 10 CHF to enable WWF© to create networks of marine protected areas to manage fisheries collectively at the level of ecosystems, and to minimise the negative effects of the extractive industries through legal frameworks.

We donate our time, money and resources only to trustworthy and transparent organisations around the globe, trying to highlight the major ecological problems that are dumped into our beautiful oceans. 

“The WWF cannot master the gigantic challenges in marine protection alone”.

Some oceans cover more than six million square kilometers, showing the highest marine biodiversity on earth. They are a unique habitat and WWF wants to ensure that the richness of species continues to exist.

Their active support has recently opened the Tun Mustapha Park in the state of Sabah in Malaysia. This protected ocean area corresponds to almost a quarter of Switzerland’s territory. WWF has worked with village communities and local organisations in the Tun Mustapha Park area from the very beginning, promoting awareness of environmental issues and understanding of the impact of personal actions.

WWF is full of aspiring people and marine projects, driven to protect our nature, wildlife and planet.