A Nutritional Healthy Lifestyle with Angie

‘Glow, fit, and ready to conquer the world’ is how the Swiss influencer @guidedbyangie describes the benefits of eating healthy. On the occasion of World Food Day, we didn’t miss the opportunity to interview her to know more about her inspiring relationship with food.

“Eating healthy not only does physically affect you but definitely also mentally. Whenever I go through periods of eating too much sugar, processed and fried food, I can literally see how my mood changes”, highlighted the model.
“It’s hard to wake up in the morning, I look puffy, my body feels weak and just not right. Of course, I enjoy all kinds of food from time to time, but in moderation”.

But the influencer confessed that her relationship with food has not always been this way. When she modeled, she went through periods of restrictive eating as people were easy to judge.   The young woman has managed to achieve a very balanced eating style, and although she prefers not to say that she follows a diet, she would describe her eating habits as 80% healthy and plant-based and the remaining 20% indulging in sweet, sugary, and fried food.

Now you’re probably curious about her daily eating routine; here it is: 
She starts her morning with a glass of water and freshly-pressed grapefruit juice.
Now, since it’s getting colder, she loves to have porridge for breakfast with some berries and a spoon of almond butter. 

Lunch usually consists of a piece of protein (plant-based or fish), carbs (rice, potatoes, wholewheat bread, quinoa), and greens (different kinds of salads).

In the afternoon, she loves to have a snack, which usually consists of fruit combined with nut butter or a granola bar (sometimes she goes for a Mille-feuille, Chocolate Cake, or Ice Cream, depending on where She is and what she desires). 

Dinner is usually early, around 6-7 pm, and light. Since she hates going to bed with a full stomach, she opts for a good hearty soup or stew. 

“Currently, I’m getting my winter food inspo from Asian cuisines, like curries, stews, soups, but also rice dishes, which I love!” said the culinary enthusiast. “Since it gets colder, I enjoy everything with Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Carrot, Ginger. Also apples and pears are most tasty in this time of the year!“.

Treat yourself to something delicious from breakfast to dinner