Our Fight

We care for our planet and its people, we might not save it alone, but you can bet we’ll try.

Our Planet

Our planet is dying. And we are responsible for it. We all know that. 

Although often the first industries that come to mind when it comes to climate change and pollution are oil extraction, transport, or construction, the fashion system does not play a less prominent role. And that it includes exploitation of many people, we know, too.

Here are some key facts to understand the current situation:

Our Mission

Our Sustainability Pillars

Our Sustainability Rating

Our rating system examines every brand with regards to different criteria of transparency, eco-friendliness, social responsibility, and animal welfare. All brands on OASEAS have achieved a minimum score, implying that we only work with brands that ensure to be truly sustainable and allow you to have a real impact when shopping on our platform. Click below to learn more about our distribution of points.

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Friday for Change

Instead of promoting Black Friday, we launched the Friday for Change campaign by donating to various organizations through Milkywire, all fighting climate change.

past Contributions

Our Contribution

After decades of overuse and pollution, these services are being interrupted. One of the biggest threats hereby is plastic pollution.

WWF is fighting for a world with no plastic in nature by 2030. It’s a world where our oceans teem with marine life, not discarded nets, bottles, and bags. Where no human breathes the toxic fumes of burning plastic. And where every indispensable plastic product is used to make another. 

The current situation is shocking, but we still have time to give the ocean the room it needs to be resilient in the face of growing threats. Therefore, we have to work together...

And that’s why we have decided, as one small piece in this required collective action, to support WWF by donating 10% of proceeds during Christmas and Black Friday 2021, per order, to change our world's current status and fight for a better place where we, and our future generations can live in.