Betting on Conscious Fashion: How we are BCOME(ing) more transparent

In everything related to food, we have become accustomed to looking at the labels of what we consume for some years now. However, some time ago, we ingested most of our diet in total ignorance. 

The same is happening with fashion. Most consumers do not know what they wear daily. Although garments made from natural and recycled fibers are beginning to arouse more consumer interest, in most cases, the customer's priority is not to look at the label. But, if they do, likely, they do not understand the footprint generated.

It was precisely this concern that led to the creation of BCOME. This innovative tool aims to make sustainability more tangible and, above all, something that the end consumer can value. 

BCOME is a sophisticated software that measures the environmental and social impacts, transparency, and circularity of each garment so that brands have the option to improve their production and consumers can make more responsible purchases.

Once the brand data is collected, BCOME cross-references it with their macro database, which calculates the life cycle analysis, water footprint, carbon footprint, and waste generated by each garment.

Now on OASEAS, all of this is possible. With just a click, anyone can learn about the Environmental Impact behind our bestsellers.

We wish to empower you by giving you the option to learn about the natural and social resources behind producing your favorite garment powered by technology that will ensure the best experience ever.

To know the impact generated by our bestsellers, you can go on our website, look for Environmental Impact and consult data related to water consumption, CO2 emissions, chemicals, and waste generated.

Once again, OASEAS demonstrates its efforts to minimize its environmental impact and consumption of natural resources.