Seaspiracy documentary

On the 24th of March, Netflix launched a new documentary called 'Seaspiracy' narrated and directed by British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi. The documentary addresses the human impact on marine life such as plastic marine debris, ghost nets, and overfishing around the world.

From whaling in Asia to tuna and salmon fishing in Europe, the narrator argues that commercial fisheries are the main driver of marine ecosystem destruction and rejects the concept of sustainable fishing. As if it wasn’t enough, he also accused several marine conservation organisations of being a cover-up for the environmental impact of fishing and corruption in the fishing industry.

The documentary was received with great interest and sparked a heated debate on the subject, as well as strong reactions from some of the accused organizations. The Global Aquaculture Alliance, for example, disputed statements made by the filmmakers, saying that NGOs have worked with the industry over the past 20-plus years to continually improve the ecosystems in which aquaculture and fisheries are practiced.

Furthermore it must be borne in mind that facing the film's appeal to eliminate fish consumption and to abandon fisheries and aquaculture, would mean ending an industry that employs 250 million people.

Although the truth behind some reports shown in the documentary, could be questionable, Tabrizi’s mission is admirable. He strives to show the marine fisheries and conservation issues to the general public. He particularly speaks to those who cover their eyes and plug their ears and think that banning plastic straws is enough. But it isn’t. Plastic straws only account for 0.03% of ocean plastic. In contrast, fishing nets make up 46% of the Great Pacific garbage patch.

The problem of overfishing is immense, global, and it is really hard to get people to focus on it. So, without dismissing the documentaries short-comings, we think that the documentary is still good as it introduces ocean issues to people and inspires a desire to make a difference.

This is the reason why we recommend watching ‘Seaspiracy’, in order to be more conscious about the human impacts on our oceans.

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