Sport and Sustainability

Sport is Passion... with a capital P. Probably the second strongest passion felt by humans after love, and it is shared by women and men across the world.

Sport can be used as a medium to make everyone feel included and fight against gender discrimination. It promotes fairness and perseverance. Studies show that is one of the most powerful tools to get through times of crisis: it reduces anxieties and improves your physical and mental health. 

As you might know, OASEAS is managed by women and we truly believe that there is nothing stronger than women supporting women. So, as sport has the power to change the world, we are bringing you our choice of four female athletes who not only did the best in their sport but also strengthen social issues and promoted a sustainable development by taking care of the planet.

Ellen McArthur

Serena Williams

Gretchen Bleiber

Billie Jean King