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Be updated with the latest news from the Fashion Industry and our lovely planet.

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Holiday Season

24 Festive Activities to do in December

Here's a list of 24 fun, festive activities to do this December to embrace the Christmas spirit fully!

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Sustainable Christmas

Let’s make this Christmas a more sustainable alternative by makingconscious choices.

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Our Favorite Holiday Recipes

Our favorite Christmas recipes to surprise your guests this season.

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Sustainable News


Celebrities fighting for our planet

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Your Eco-friendly Getaway

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“Fashionscapes: A Circular Economy”



When Sustainability stops being Sustainable

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Fashion & Climate Change

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Sustainable Skincare

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Olympic Games turns Green

Discover the initiatives that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics took to reduce around 35% CO2 emissions compared to the Games before.

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On March Netflix launched the documentary called “Seaspiracy” and we wanted to share our view on it. 

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Conscious Consumerism is so Hot

Reuse, restyle and recycle your wardrobe to avoid your clothes being packed away and ignored in boxes, or ending up as landfill.  

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Fast Fashion as a source of Pressure

Fashion should be about expressing and taking care of oneself and the environment. Buy less, make it last and feel happy in it.

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Think Outside the Box

We can't go back and change the birth of the fast fashion industry, but we can start where we are and change the ending.

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Fashion and its Facets

We are in the midst of a “Make, Use, and Throw” system which has proven to be ineffective, dangerous, and destructive.

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Is Vegan Sustainable?

If a vegan diet is less harmful to the planet than one that contains meat, should we adopt the same approach with fashion?

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Make them Stop and Stare

Sustainable fashion has been a movement for several years, but it now that people are actively engaged in making a change.

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