Upcycling the Oceans

A truck load per minute: that's how much plastic waste ends up in our seas.

War Against Ocean Plastic

Garbage is a global problem and threatens nature, animals, people and their livelihoods. The crisis can be ended if the flood of plastic at the springs is stopped.

That's why we decided to support WWF by donating 10% of proceeds, per order, to change our world's current status and fight for a better place where we, and our future generations can live in. 

The WWF is working on an international and political level for an agreement in which the states agree to stop the entry of plastic waste into the oceans. This will be achieved through the improvement of framework conditions for waste collection and recycling in the polluting countries.

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Previous Contributions

Gift for Good

We aim to protect the Arctics so that the earth's climate remains in balance and animals can live without fleeing or having to die due to shortages.

Therefore, during Christmas we decided to donate 10% of our proceeds to help WWF in their fight to save our Artics.


Turn the tide

During our Blue Friday we partnered up with WWF© to restore and protect our ocean's diversity and endangered marine species.

For every order made we will donated 10 CHF to enable WWF© protect our beautiful oceans.


Further information

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