What is Natural Rubber?

Natural rubber is a material coming from plants and grown responsibly, obtained from the processing of latex from the rubber trees in the Amazon.  

At the time of the Aztecs, rubber was already used in various sacred rites, they shaped it to obtain balls used as offerings. Interestingly, this civilization practiced the "juego de pelota", a game played with a rubber ball.

Today, in the textile industry, it is mainly used in shoes, or certain bags. It is appreciated for its ability to withstand shocks and its low thermal conductivity.

According to WWF, natural rubber can have a beneficial impact if grown responsibly. "Its sustainable cultivation even on severely degraded land helps to recreate ecosystem services and sequester carbon." In all, about 6 million small producers produce natural rubber.

VEJA uses the material for their soles of their vegan and eco-friendly sneakers. For the moment, it is the only material able to support the quality required for shoe soles, and many start-ups are looking for alternatives materials able to replace normal leather and rubber. The trend-settings and modern VEJA sneakers as well as the WOMSH sneakers offer sustainable and eco-friendly shoes that stand with our planet.