What is Recycled PET Plastic?

Recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) has been in development since the early 90s,  and thanks to the evolution of technology and the search for more solutions to plastic pollution, buying recycled PET plastic garments is a good option when trying to avoid the production of new plastics. It also contributes to the circular fashion economy, and hopefully in a long-term and idealistic future (let's be realistic), this material will not even exist anymore. 

Girlfriend Collective, the sustainable activewear brands based in the USA uses materials that instead of clogging landfills and polluting the earth, serve another purpose.

It all starts with 100% post-consumer water bottles that have their labels removed, are crushed into billions of minuscule chips, and then washed until they’re sparkling clean. After a bunch of science stuff with names like “polymerisation,” you get a soft, recycled yarn that eliminates the need for petroleum and diverts water bottles from landfills at the same time. It finally creates beautiful and high-quality creations fitting beautiful and strong women. 


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