silk shirt
silk shirt
silk shirt
silk shirt
silk shirt
silk shirt

Boogie Silk Shirt

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The shirt is Soi's must-have. A classic cut, an offbeat print, and an impeccable fall: the perfect combo!


  • 100% Silk Crepe OEKO TEX
  • Hand wash

All Soi Paris' silks are carefully woven by silk specialists in the Shanghai area. The brand chose them for their total control of the production cycle: they raise the silkworms themselves, weave the silk and print it. Perfect traceability, impeccable quality, and a recognized environmental and social commitment thanks to their OEKO-TEX® and SMETA accreditations.



"Boogie-woogie, no boogie-woogie", the founders of Soi Paris had in mind this famous refrain while taking their brushes and watercolor. Sensual bodies swaying to this catchy music. They turn in circles, the right hand forward, the left hand backward, then the opposite, they go wild on the fast rhythm of the piano notes. Their legs beat time, touching the golden confetti on the dance floor.

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